2013/14 Health Infrastructure Renewal Fund (HIRF) Grant

Hospitals are responsible for planning infrastructure renewal activities to ensure that their facilities are in a good state of repair. Recognizing the need for the renewal of health care infrastructure, the ministry created the Health Infrastructure Renewal Fund (“HIRF) program. This program supplements a hospital’s existing renewal program and helps to address renewal needs on a priority basis.

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (“the ministry”) is now fully aligning HIRF with the results of the Facility Condition Assessment Program (“FCAP”). This means that there will no longer be a minimum HIRF amount for each Local Health Integration Network (“LHIN”).

Only projects for tangible assets which can be capitalized, and the cost of which is at least $5,000 are eligible.

Prior to 2012-13 it was recognized that while program surpluses were not expected to occur, certain projects may have been completed under budget and that the hospital would have had an unexpended balance to use for subsequent HIRF projects. As of 2012-13, hospitals were no longer permitted to carry unexpended balances forward. Any unexpended balance up to and including 2012-13 will be recovered by the ministry, as per the terms of the HIRF Agreement for 2012-13.

New for fiscal 2013-14 “Exceptional Circumstances”

If a hospital has an urgent need to complete an infrastructure project, and the requirements are not provided for in the FCAP database (VFA.Facility), and the project meets all other criteria set out in the HIRF Guidelines, the hospital may provide a Business Case to the LHIN.

Proposed HIRF projects must meet the program eligibility criteria described in the Health Infrastructure Renewal Fund Guidelines (2013-2014) and receive South East LHIN approval in writing. Proceeding without such approval will negate any responsibility for funding the project(s).

Throughout the project(s), it will be your hospital's responsibility to ensure that all documents and work comply with the Ministry's Health Infrastructure Renewal Fund Guidelines (2013-2014), applicable sections of the Ministry’s Capital Planning Manual (1996), and all applicable codes and regulations.

Important documentation includes:


The Health Infrastructure Renewal Fund Guidelines (2013-2014), contains detailed information on this year’s approval and reporting requirements, accessing and submitting necessary forms, and relevant LHIN and contact information.

The Ministry's Capital Planning Manual (1996).

To receive your grant and obtain approval for the project(s) you wish to undertake using this grant, please complete, sign and submit a HIRF Submission Form, as outlined in the letter from the South East LHIN specifying the individual hospital HIRF grant amount. 

The South East LHIN looks forward to working with you to implement this 2013/14 HIRF initiative. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the HIRF program please contact Joe Sherman at (613) 967-0196 x2218.