South East LHIN providers work together to address Emergency Department/Alternate Level of Care issues

When it comes to being able to provide patients with the right care in the right place at the right time, the South East region has significant opportunity for improvement.

According to a survey conducted by the Ontario Hospital Association in November 2008, 18 percent of acute bed days are being used to care for alternate level of care (ALC) patients.

Mostly, these are people who cannot be discharged from hospital because they are awaiting another type of care elsewhere. These patients deserve access to the services they require as do those awaiting admission to hospital through Emergency Departments (EDs) or scheduled surgeries who cannot get in because there are not enough available beds.

Despite many strategies to find ways to place ALC patients more appropriately in the community, we clearly need a coordinated, system-wide approach that involves all stakeholders dedicating resources and energy to working together.

About the ED/ALC issue


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