Health Infrastructure Renewal Fund (HIRF)

Hospitals are responsible for planning infrastructure renewal activities to ensure that their facilities are in a good state of repair. Recognizing the need for the renewal of health care infrastructure, the ministry created the HIRF program. This program supplements a hospital’s existing renewal program and helps to address renewal needs on a priority basis.

The HIRF is aligned with the results of the ministry’s Facility Condition Assessment Program (FCAP). As a result, annual HIRF allocations are determined using an evidence- based process. However, Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) will have the opportunity to endorse urgent/emergent hospital infrastructure needs for an Exceptional Circumstance Project (ECP) Grant, which may result in the ministry providing additional funding to a hospital whether or not the hospital received a HIRF allocation that funding year.


Note that Interim Report and Surplus Funds Request due dates for 2018-19 have been extended to January 15, 2019 and were made available for download on the Self Reporting Initiative on December 1, 2018


Questions and Concerns

The South East LHIN looks forward to working with you to implement this HIRF initiative. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the HIRF program please contact Gary Braida at: 613-544-8200 or Toll Free: 888-871-8868, Ext. 4244.