Funding Requests 

Strategic Investments

Each fiscal year the Ministy of health and long-Term Care (MOHLTC) develops a health care budget that may include additional investments in the healthcare system. The MOHLTC provides funding letters to the LHIN’s after the budget has been tabled and approved at the provincial level. Funding from the MOHLTC is often targeted to specific initiatives; however in some instances the MOHLTC provides discretionary funding that is base to the South East LHIN and available for strategic investments. To ensure consistency and equity in how strategic investments are determined, the South East LHIN developed a Business Plan Process (BPP). In 2015-16, the South East LHIN updated the BPP and utilized the updated process to determine strategic investments for the 2016-17 fiscal year. The memo linked below provides additional information on the BPP and draft strategic areas for the 2018-19 fiscal year:

The Business Plan Process is utilized by the South East LHIN to allocate all discretionary funding and the tools/templates are utilized when developing proposals for any targeted funding allocations.  

Please note
- the South East LHIN does not hold open calls for proposals and does not accept strategic funding investment requests outside of the BPP. For additional information on the BPP, please contact your South East LHIN lead and they will be able to answer any questions you may have.

In Year Reallocation

Each fiscal year, the South East LHIN can have a limited amount of funding leftover. This is through unplanned surplus and Urgent Priorities Funding and is to be reallocated on a one time basis.

In the past, this funding was given to address reallocation requests from Health Service Providers within the year, again on a one time basis. 

Throughout the LHIN history the amount of reallocation requests have grown significantly. Due to this, the South East LHIN has updated the In-Year Reallocation Request. The documents below will assist in walking you through the new process: