French Language Services
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The South East LHIN supports the implementation of HSP’s designation plan by making resources and information available to identified and non-identified Health Service providers (HSPs).

Reporting to the LHIN

Health Service Providers, whether they are identified as French language service provider or not must report annually to the South East LHIN on the status of health services delivered in French in their organisations.  

Indentified health service providers (HSP)

FLS reporting is part of each identified HSP’s Accountability Agreement and testifies of the progress in regards to its designation plan. 

Non-indentified HSPs

For non-identified HSPs, FLS reporting is still mandatory yet less extensive as it speak to the current community status.
The South East LHIN will usually post new report forms between April and May as HSPs must complete and submit their report no later than June 30th of each year. HSPs can refer to the latest Census (PDF) for reporting purposes.

If you require any further information or if you have problem filling in your annual FLS report, please contact the South East LHIN FLS coordinator.


The South East LHIN will display all programs and call for applications that could benefit Health Service Providers for the provision of services in French. 

Ministry's French language training reimbursement program

The French Language Training Program is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. It offers reimbursement of fees for French-as-a-second-language courses for healthcare professionals who work with organizations that are designated or identified to offer French-language services.


The documents proposed in this section aim to help all Service Providers understand and implement components related to the provision of health services in French.

Active offer concept

To encourage active offers of French services, the following documents kit enables HSP, in a few words and steps, to briefly communicate in French with members of the public: over the counter, on the telephone and in writing.

French Language Services, a Factor in Healthcare Service Quality

The document conveys the importance of a planning of healthcare projects and initiatives that take into account language barriers in order to improve the health of Francophone minority communities and aims to educate and inform on the impacts of language barriers on the quality of French-language healthcare services and therefore on the health of the Francophone population.
Link to document (PDF) 

The planning guide for FLS

This guide aims to help Health service providers to plan French Language service and includes the following contents:
  • Background
  • Anticipated results of the planning guide
  • Definition of the Francophone lens and the presentation of an impact analysis framework
  • Guidelines on including the Francophone lens in planning processes
  • A questionnaire for including the Francophone lens in all health service providers and LHIN health services planning processes
Link to document (PDF) 

Consider the Francophone perspective in health services planning?

A set of questions or a check-list to ensure that all healthcare decision-making and planning processes initiated by the Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) or a health service provider consider the needs of the Francophone community of the East and South-East regions.
Link to document (PDF) 

The Designation Guide

This guide is a new resource for organisations and an excellent starting point when thinking of implementing French-language health services in your organisation. The Guide answers questions and helps to understand the important designation process. It presents all the essential information about designation and all the tools needed to develop or review a designation plan.
Link to document (PDF)