Community Infrastructure Renewal Fund (CIRF)

Community HSPs are responsible for planning infrastructure renewal activities to ensure that their facilities are in a good state of repair. Recognizing the need for the renewal of community health care infrastructure, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (“the ministry”) created the CIRF program as part of the Community Health Capital Programs (CHCP) policy. This program is intended to supplement eligible community HSPs in addressing renewal needs to existing infrastructure on a priority basis. The CIRF program provides funding for ongoing repair and renewal needs for community programs meeting specific criteria relating to asset ownership and lease length, and based on an assessment of asset condition.

Beginning in 2019-20, the ministry is introducing the Facility Condition Assessment Program (FCAP) to select HSPs (i.e. Community Health Centres and Aboriginal Health Access Centes) to supplement the Community Asset Inventory Survey data. A key component of the FCAP program is to conduct standardized assessments of the physical condition of eligible facilities (e.g., roof, HVAC system, etc.). These assessments are conducted by a qualified third party vendor. As a result, the 2019-20 CIRF program is considered a transitional year for collecting asset information. In future years, it is anticipated that the CIRF Survey will be fully replaced by the FCAP program.

The following community-based Lead Organizations are included in the CIRF Program for 2019-20:

  • Aboriginal Health Access Centres (AHACs);
  • Community-Based Mental Health and Addictions (MH&As) Agencies (including 24 hour on-site residential treatment)*;
  • Community Health Centres (CHCs);
  • Family Health Teams (FHTs);
  • Nurse Practitioner Led Clinics (NPLCs);
  • Public Health Units (PHUs); and
  • Hospital Fund Type 2** (see definition in Appendix “C”: Glossary)

*Excludes other Supportive Housing Programs (such as Dedicated Supportive Housing, Rent Supplement Initiatives, Homes for Special Care, Habitat Services Toronto, etc.). 

**Excludes hospital owned assets (including those Fund Type 2 programs delivered within a hospital building site captured by the Facility Condition Assessment Program (FCAP) database.

2021-22 CIRF Guidelines

2019-20 CIRF Guidelines

The files below contain detailed information on the 2018-19 approval and reporting requirements, accessing and submitting necessary forms, and relevant LHIN and contact information.

2019-20 Community Asset Inventory Survey

The Community Asset Inventory Survey has been developed by the Capacity Planning and Capital Division to collect information on the site details and condition of infrastructure stock of eligible community organizations. Please note that all eligible HSPs must complete a survey in order to participate in the 2019-20 CIRF application process.

Interim and Settlement Reports

The following Microsoft Excel files contain important instructions for completing the reports and submission information. Please note the submission deadlines for each report.

Please submit completed reports as the both the excel version, as well as a signed PDF, to

Questions and Concerns

The South East LHIN looks forward to working with you to implement the CIRF initiative. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the CIRF program, please contact Deb Goulden at