Our Communities

Map of the boundaries that the South East LHIN provides service and funds

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How big are we?

The South East region extends from Brighton on the west to Prescott and Cardinal on the east, north to Perth and Smith Falls, and back to Bancroft.

Services provided within our region?

  • 6 - Hospital Corporations
  • 24 - Community Support Services
  • 5 - Community Health Centres
  • 14 - Addictions and Mental Health
  • 37 - Long-Term Care Facilities

South East Health Links:

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  • Kingston Health Links
  • Quinte Health Link
  • Salmon River Health Link
  • Rural Kingston Health Link
  • Rural Hastings Health Link
  • Rideau Tay Health Link
  • Thousand Island Health Link

South East LHIN Sub-regions

Learn more about sub-region geographies here:

  • Quinte
  • Rural Hastings
  • Rural Frontenac, Lennox & Addington
  • Kingston
  • Lanark, Leeds & Grenville